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Natural from Porto Alegre, Nenê started playing accord (his first instrument) at the age of 12. As an autodidactic person, with 14 years old he already played drums professionally. He lived in Europe for 12 years, firming his name internationally, being already consecrated here playing with Heraldo do Monte, Theo de Barros and Hermeto Pascoal, forming the New Quartet in the disc Música Livre.

He has further recorded with important names of our music, such as: Elis Regina Falso Brilhante; Milton Nascimento Clube da Esquina 2; Hermeto Pascoal Zabum-be-bum-iê and Live in Montreux; Egberto Gismonti Em Família, Sanfona, Antologia Poética de Jorge Amado; Grupo Pau-Brasil Cenas Brasileiras, Lá Vem a Tribo and Metrópolis Tropical.

In Europe, he launched the discs: Bugre, Ponto dos Músicos, Minuano. Returning to Brazil in 1994, Nenê formed the group Nenê & Quatro de Ases, touring the country.

He relaunched the CD Porto dos Casais in the second semester of 2004 by the Maritaca label, which was recorded in 1997 through the Núcleo Contemporâneo label with the musicians: Magno Alexandre (guitar), Enéias Xavier (bass), Vinícius Dorin (sax and flute) and Benjamim Taubkin (piano).

In the artists kitchen as Elis, Egberto, Milton or Hermeto, the drums player Nenê has arisen and soon emerged from the stage bottom, occupying the privileged space of the most virtuous instrumentalists. The composer and arranger would come later, result of the vision that constructed Brazil traveling around the country or of the years he lived out of here. This disc is a synthesis of the socializing senses of his artistic performance: multiple, creative, generous, precise, unique. Porto dos Casais is a play that, the more we listen the more sound colors it reveals and the more we want listen. Welcome to maracatus, calangos, maxixes, xotes and effusive frevos of Nenê. Welcome to Brazil. Marcílio Godoi.

MARITAX 24.09.2005 - "Show de relançamento do CD Porto dos Casais"

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