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CD of the Day - "Léa Freire: Cartas Brasileiras"
Arnaldo DeSouteiro

Léa Freire: "Cartas Brasileiras" (Maritaca) 2006

Sublime self-produced album by flutist/arranger/composer Léa Freire for her own Maritaca label. Surrounded by a stellar cast of musicians (including Gil Jardim, Paulo Bellinati, François de Lima, Paulo Braga, Daniel D'Alcântara, Teco Cardoso, Proveta, Edu Ribeiro, André Mehmari, Sylvio Mazzuca Jr. and the late Mozar Terra, amongst others), Léa offers a stunning collection of sumptuous pieces in chamber-jazz and symphonic moods. I can't find enough words to describe the beauty of this album, one of the best CDs of this century. I can't believe it took me three years to discover such a joyous masterpiece... Now, YOU deserve this experience!

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