- March 5, 2005
Nenê - Porto dos Casais

Written by Ditardi Associates: Peppino

A música é como o amor, não tem fronteiras

A More likely, if you are looking for this recording, the reader of this review knows Nené is legend from Brasil, percussionist, composer, a powerful musical force, with pedigree from years aside Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti, among others.

This recording , produced by the Nuclèo Contemporâneo co-founder Benjamin Taubkin and wizard reeds/flautista Teco Cardoso is a solid offering of jazz with the Brasilian touch, and features all compositions by Nené, and a craque band of Magno Alexandre (guitarra), Eneías Xavier (baixo) along with Nené (bateria e percussão) and special appearance with Benjamin Taubkin on 3 tracks, piano.

Most formidable is the feature of Vinícius Dorim on all saxofones and flauta! (Vinícius also of Hermeto grupo family, and currently still in the chair vacated after Carlos Malta departed!).

The compositions are complex, and with a pulse as from cosmic rays, burning with crisp polyritmos and incredible improvisations. (Unlike SO many recordings featuring drummers, Nene is not taking myriad solos, but his drive and pulse are ever present, and , if you listen specifically to what he is "saying" on the "skins", you will know the incredible taste and power that has made him legend.)

That being said, his feature "Solo de Batería", the inventively titled "Drum solo", HAHA , it is AMAZING to the point that even the most ardent enemy of drum solo would be captivated by the endless(well, almost 5 minutes) of beyond the stars creativity.

Dorin is a sax/flute artist with no peer, if he was USian or European, he would be praised with many bouquets throw his way, endless Ideas, always tasteful and with technique to amaze. (I see him perform with Hermeto, and sit in smiling amazed delight as he can weave endless ideas on saxs/flute as casual as one would make conversation).

Magno solos on guitarra, depending the mood , for a "straight ahead " typical jazz tone, to the Pat Metheny timbered tone that is instantly recognizable (Metheny always a friend of Brasilian sounds, and has been an influence from the "outside" on the contemporary Brasilian guitar). Quite a nice musician, again, worthy by the merit that he has an individual concept (aside from the occasional Metheny tone).

All the Solos are always melodic, never stiff and clinical, if you X-Ray a Brasilian, you will find nothing but scales, notes, and chords, along with a little feijoada, smile smile!

This is mostly an angular , uptempo affair,with much group interplay, with some subtle wink of the eyes to "Hermetiana",
but Nené delivers a sweet 3/4 "Ariel", and the flaming frevo, again with the "mystifying" title "Frevendo"! (Sorry for the 2 good natured sarcasms, it is not the titles of the compositions what matters, of course!).

Most surprising to see this avaliable on Amazon, so-o-o-o, hesitate no further and order this delightful CD, especially if you are a musician, there is a lot to enjoy AND learn !

uau !

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