Léa Freire

Has played with many Brazilian musicians and singers, such as Alaide Costa, Nana Caymmi, Filo Machado, Nelson Ayres, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Elton Medeiros, Mozar Terra, Eduardo Gudin, Luis Carlos Borges, Nico Assumpçao, Guilherme Vergueiro, Bocato, Michel Freidenson, Edson Alves, Hermeto Pascoal, Joyce, Arrigo Barnabe, Itibere Zwarg, Cauby Peixoto, and others, at recording sections and shows.

Her first CD, “Ninhal” (meaning the collective of birds nests), is still very well received by public and critic and some of the songs, specially “Vatapa” have been recorded already in Japan, German, Italy, USA and by various artists in Brazil. Fully recognized as a very creative composer, some of her pieces are now being played by flutists in concerts in Europe and USA. In Sept 98 she played at Miami University and the Blue Note in NY, as a special guest of Teco Cardoso, and recorded her second album - “Quinteto”, co-produced by Núcleo Contemporâneo, featuring her duo with sax and flute player Teco Cardoso, released in 99. In 2005 released her album with trombonist Bocato – “Brazilian Song Anthology – vol.1” featuring the most beautiful balads of Brazilian composers such as Nelson Cavaquinho, Ary Barroso, Tom Jobim, Lupicinio Rodrigues and others. This album was extremely well received by critics and public and the vol.2 is highly expected for the second semester.

As a producer of Brazilian Contemporary Instrumental Music and acting also as an copyright editor for this music, Maritaca - her label and copywright company – she has already more than twenty items in the catalog – featuring names like Arismar do Espirito Santo, Filo Machado, Bocato, Vinicius Dorin, Thiago Espirito Santo, Silvia Goes, Tibo Delor, Edu Ribeiro, Mane Silveira, Teco Cardoso, Guello, Naylor “Proveta” Azevedo, Laercio de Freitas and many others.

“The appearance of Lea Freire in the musical scenery is more than a special happening. She was known already as an exceptional flute player; but as a composer she excels herself. She is one of the most complete musicians I know and stands in the front line of the most creative music that is happening in Brazil today, together with Guinga, Edu Lobo and other well known composers.” - Joyce

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