Edu Ribeiro (Drums)
He started studying drums at the age of 8, as an autodidactic person. He works since 1987 as a drumer, initially (1987-1992) in “Orquestra de Baile” in the City of Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina. Bachelor in Popular Music by UNICAMP, he took part of the Symphony Orchestra of Campinas, as an invited musician from 1993 to 1995. He teaches drums since 1993 at music schools of São Paulo and as private teacher.

He worked with artists like: Johny Alf, Edsel Gomez, Rosa Passos, Yamandu Costa, Chico Pinheiro, Noite Ilustrada, Vânia Bastos, Moacir Luz, Toquinho, Sadao Watanabe, Roberto Menescal, Paulo Moura, Leny Andrade, Dominguinhos, Joyce Collins, Ivan Lins, Chico Saraiva, Bocato, Celso Viáfora, Ulisses Rocha, Fafá de Belém, Randy Brecker, Jair Rodrigues, Toninho Ferragutti, Theo de Barros, Sizão Machado, Ernan Lopez-Nussa, Léa Freire, and Thiago do Espírito Santo, among others.

He made presentations in International Festivals of Montreux (Switzerland 1999), Percuba (Cuba 2000), Kutchan Jazz Festival, Blue Note Yokohama (Japan 2002), and Parliament Jazz Festival (Russia 2003).

In 2004, he taught in the 1st Winter Festival of Tatuí.

The CDs “Horizonte” with Daniel Alcântara (2003) and “Água” with Chico Saraiva and Zé Nigro (1999) are part of his discography. Nowadays, he is launching the CD “Corrente”, together with Fábio Torres (piano) and Paulo Paulelli (bass), by Maritaca lable, while touring by Europe with Yamandú Costa.

Paulo Paulelli (Contrabass, percussion and voice)
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1974, Paulo Paulelli makes part of a musical family. Two erudite pianists and one guitarist-arranger that worked as orchestra regent, accompanying João Gilverto in the beginning of Bossa Nova. His grandfather, Ernesto, was homaged by the composer Adorinan Barbosa with Samba do Arnesto.

Paulo Paulelli played with renowned artists as: Dominguinhos, Jair Rodrigues, Agnaldo Rayol, Arturo Sandoval (one of the best Jazz trumpet player of the world scenery), Roberto Menescal, Wagner Tiso, Fatima Guedes, Leila Pinheiro, Hermeto Pascoal, Toninho Horta, Dominguinhos, Rosa Passos, Ivete Sangalo, Osvaldinho do Acordeom, Lucinha Lins, Ivan Lins, Chico Buarque, João Donato, Carlinhos Brown, Caetano Veloso, Paquito d' Rivera, Ed Motta, Lenine, Maria Rita Mariano, Claudia Teles, Jane Moraes (Os Três Moraes), the famous instrumental group Medusa, Orquestra Experimental (Maestro Jamil Maluf) and various Jazz Big Bands.

Recently, he participated with the singer Rosa Passos in Jazz Festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Japan, Colombia and New York (USA).

The CD Corrente of the trio formed with the pianist Fábio Torres and the drums player Edú Ribeiro will be launched in the second semester of 2005 by the Maritaca label.

Fábio Torres (piano)
Fábio Torres was born in January 1971 and started studying music at the age of 5. After some years studying classical piano, he turned his interest to the popular music wealth and freedom. With 17 years old he started working at night. In this same year (1990), he was graduated in classical piano and started studying Composition at Escola de Comunicações e Artes da USP (ECA/USP). The popular music practice and the classical music study have marked his professional formation.

In 1992, he formed the Banda Mistura e Manda with Zezinho Pitoco and others. In 1993, he was awarded with the III Prêmio Nascente in the Popular Music category, a contest sponsored by Abril. Then, he recorded his first CD with the Banda Mistura e Manda (Recording Company Velas), where he acted as arranger and composer.

Since then, the list of artists he worked with has increased. In 1994, he recorded some tracks in the CD Nas quebradas do Sertão (Dominguinhos), with Arismar do Espírito Santo, Heraldo do Monte and Osvaldinho do Acordeon. In 1995, he played with Ana de Holanda, Virginia Rosa and Vânia Bastos. He participated in the CDs of Virginia Rosa and Vânia Bastos, being detached the CD Diversões não Eletrônicas, where Vânia Bastos made a homage to the maestro-arranger, making the CD arrangement. In 1996, he started working with the singer Célia in shows in Brazil and abroad. In 1997, he recorded some tracks of the CD of Nação Zumbi group in posthumous homage to the singer Chico Science. He was graduated as bachelor by ECA/USP.

In 1998, he started a partnership with flautist Rodrigo y Castro in the I Prêmio Visa de MPB Instrumental, reaching the final phase and recording a CD with Hamilton Holanda, among others. He took part of the Project Chorando Alto at Sesc Pompéia, joining names like Egberto Gismonti and Ed Mota, besides international names as Herbie Mann and Clare Fischer.

In 1999, he started working with the singer Rosa Passos, with whom he traveled abroad. He also plays with Toninho Horta, recording the CD Morada do Samba with the singer and composer Rosa Passos, directing the spectacle Quem me navega é o mar with songs of Hermínio Belo de Carvalho, interpreted by the author and by Zé Luis Mazioti, Zezé Gonzaga and Alaíde Costa.

In 2000, he recorded the CD Rosa Passos canta Caymi and makes a tour with her to Japan. In 2001, he travels with the singer Rosa Passos around Europe and South America. He directs Claudia Ferrete, Mariceni Costa and Ana de Holanda shows. He played with Cida Moreira, Jane Duboc and Ivan Lins.

In 2002, he played with the singer Rosa Passos at Lincoln Center, New York. He integrated the celebrated show of Chico Pinheiro with the singers Luciana Alves and Maria Rita Mariano, in duet with the last one in the song De Frente, calling the attention to the carioca critic. He played with Fátima Guedes, João Donado and Roberto Menescal.

In 2003 and 2004, he continued playing with Rosa Passos in some of the largest Jazz Festivals of Europe. He made shows and masterclasses on the Brazilian music with Paulo Paulelli, Celso de Almeida and Marcus Teixeira in Spain. He composed the eulogized duet of piano and guitar with Chico Pinheiro.

In 2005, he toured New York in a successful season with Rosa Passos, Paulo Paulelli, Celso de Almeida and Rodrigo Ursaia. They were watched and eulogized by musicians like Ron Carter and Paquito de Rivera, having this last one referred to the pianist as a mix of Bill Evans with black beans. He recorded the documentary about bossa nova with Alaíde Cista, Claudete Soares and Johnny Alf.

The CD Corrente of the trio formed with Paulo Paulelli (bass) and Edú Ribeiro (drums) is being launched in by Maritaca lable.

MARITAX 09.22.2005 - "Show CD Corrente"

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